The Department for Energy and Mining gives employees the opportunity to be part of the global transformation economy. We oversee the responsible mining and production of the minerals, metals and fuels, to safely and sustainably generate the energy and low carbon products of the future.

Working for DEM - the opportunity to be part of the global transformation economy

What we offer

We are regularly seeking skilled candidates to work across our department in the following areas:

  • Energy and technical regulation
  • Oil and gas
  • Minerals and mining
  • Modern energy
  • Corporate functions (administration, communications, finance, human resources and information technology)

DEM offers a diverse, inclusive and friendly team environment, where you’ll be working alongside others who are passionate about energy and mining.

Flexible work arrangements

The South Australian Public Sector offers flexible working arrangements for employees, including:

  • schedule of hours worked - for example, flexitime, compressed or expanded work weeks, alternative start and finish times, changed shift and break schedules
  • number of hours worked - for example, part-time, job sharing, purchased leave, transition to retirement
  • place of work - for example, working at home, office work and activity-based work (such as field work)

Flexitime enables employees to negotiate start and finish times, within a range of core business hours, without increasing or reducing the total number of hours worked when averaged over a four-week cycle.

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Reward and Recognition program

DEM understands reward and recognition provides a powerful and meaningful way of acknowledging and engaging employees. Employee reward and recognition represents a return on an employee’s effort, dedication and work achievements. We are committed to fostering a culture of appreciation, where DEM employees feel their contributions are valued. By recognising and rewarding employee behaviour that exemplifies our High-Performing Behaviours Framework, we will facilitate the delivery of the best outcomes for South Australians.

Our Reward and Recognition program includes:

  • Recognition of years of service
  • Individual and team recognition (morning teas, lunches, staff activity, vouchers, sweet treats)
  • End of year departmental awards
  • Recognition from our Chief Executive
  • Professional development opportunities

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Wellbeing program

Developing and maintaining a healthy, resilient and engaged workforce is a key part of achieving DEM’s vision of becoming 'the best department in Australia'.

When employees are in a state of wellbeing at work, they are able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build positive relationships with others, cope with the normal stresses of life and make a meaningful contribution.

Wellbeing initiatives include:

  • Wellbeing training and webinars
  • Annual free flu vaccination
  • Free confidential on and off-site counselling services
  • Social activities including DEM Social Club and coffee roulette
  • Virtual Chair Yoga
  • Corporate Cup

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Current job opportunities

Job title (ref #) Open to Posting date Expiry dateClassification
Industry Development Officer (503952)Everyone28/09/202225/10/2022ASO6
Principal Industry Development Officer (503931)Everyone28/09/202225/10/2022ASO7
Executive Assistant (503861)Everyone27/09/202210/10/2022ASO3
Team Leader, Financial Services (503358)SA Public Sector Employees only27/09/202224/10/2022ASO8
Senior Policy Officer (502994)Everyone21/09/202218/10/2022ASO7
Senior Project Manager - Mine Completion (502987)Everyone21/09/202218/10/2022PO3
Senior Communications Officer (502378)Everyone17/09/202216/10/2022ASO6
Mining Assessment Officer (502414)Everyone16/09/202213/10/2022PO2
Manager Mining Assessments (502405)Everyone16/09/202213/10/2022PO5
Deputy Director, Geoscience & Exploration (502196)Everyone16/09/202213/10/2022PO5
Principal Geochemist (502174)Everyone15/09/202212/10/2022PO4
Senior GIS Geoscientist – SA Discovery Mapping (502025)Everyone15/09/202212/10/2022PO3
Mining Registrar (501807)SA Public Sector Employees only14/09/202227/09/2022ASO8
Senior Geologist – SA Discovery Mapping (500721) Everyone 08/09/2022 04/10/2022 PO2 - PO3
Director, Engineering (501423) Everyone 05/09/2022 18/09/2022 SAES-LEVEL1
Senior Geologist (500659) Everyone 03/09/2022 02/10/2022 PO3
Principal Assessment Officer (500270) Everyone 02/09/2022 29/09/2022 PO4

You can also visit IWORKFORSA, select ‘Department for Energy and Mining’ from the Agency field, then click Search.


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More information

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about working with the Department for Energy and Mining.

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