Before calling to report loss of power

Before calling, there are a few things to check:

  1. Are other lights and electrical equipment working?
  2. Do your neighbours have power?
  • If YES to either of these questions, the problem could be inside your home.
    • Check your main fuses or circuit breakers to see if they have blown or tripped. If this is the case contact your electrician as the problem may be within your home.
    • If you live in a Housing SA residence, please call the Housing SA maintenance number and they can respond to your concerns.
    • Do not touch any wiring or electrical appliances that may be unsafe.
    • If Cowell Electric attends and the fault is within your property, you may be required to pay for the call out.
  • If NO, then look outside for damage, such as wires down or trees lying across powerlines.
    • Stay away from any fallen powerlines or trees lying across powerlines and
    • DO NOT attempt to reinstate the power from the distribution network.

Once you have assessed the situation

Once you have assessed the situation and have identified the need for assistance, please contact to your relevant retailer:

Coober Pedy

  • District Council of Coober Pedy
    Phone: 0417 814 617


  • Yunta Power Supply
    Phone: 0439 893 435


  • Andamooka Power House
    Phone: 8672 7135

Other RAES Communities and Townships