The South Australian government provides a framework for responsible mineral exploration which is key to the continuing discovery of mineral deposits in our state.

Mineral resources are owned by the state for the benefit of all South Australians. Mineral exploration is the process of searching for deposits of useful minerals.

The Mining Act 1971 (the Act) and regulations made under the Act are the principal laws in place for the administration of exploration titles and the regulation of on-ground exploration activities, including environmental management and rehabilitation of land.

The Minerals Resources Division within the Department for Energy and Mining is responsible for administration and regulation under the Act.

All explorers must be familiar with the rules and regulations under which they can apply for a mineral exploration licence and undertake exploration activities in South Australia.

The first digital edition of the department's annual regulation report is now available.

Annual Mineral Resources Regulation Report 30 July 2021 to 30 June 2022