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Fee schedule

Fees under the Mining Act and the Opal Mining Act for the 2022/2023 financial year can be found on the relevant fee schedules:

A small number of fees linked to the registration of mortgages, caveats and other registerable dealings have been reduced. These reduced fees came into effect on 1 July 2022.

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Forms and templates

Approved forms and templates need to be completed for registration of a mineral claim, lease and licence applications, and some other activities associated with a lease, licence or tenement.

Note that updates are still being made to forms and templates as a result of recent legislative amendments. Work will continue to progress during 2021 to finalise the forms and templates.

Links to current forms, templates and online lodgement (where available) are available at:

Forms and templates

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Production tenement online applications

The following production tenement applications can be made online:

  • Mining lease application (extractive, industrial, defined impact template, metallic and all other minerals)
  • Miscellaneous purposes licence application
  • Retention lease application

Production tenement application form

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PEPR and MOP online applications

Program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) and mine operations plan (MOP) submissions must be made online using the following submission forms:

PEPR and MOP submissions no longer require hardcopy versions to be provided. Electronic submissions only are required. Electronic copies can be uploaded to the submission form.

You can use the fee calculator to determine the fee relevant to the submission of exploration, quarrying and mining programs (PEPRs and MOPs).

PEPR and MOP fee calculator

Payment of the PEPR and MOP fees can be made as part of the submission using a credit card (or through EFT for large fees).

You will be able to track the progress of your PEPR and MOP assessment using an assessment tracker in SARIG.

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Change in operations applications

Change in operations applications must be made online using the following submission form:

Change in operations application form

Payment of the application fee can be made as part of the submission using a credit card (or through EFT for large fees).

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PEPR, MOP and change in operations fee calculator

The fee calculator provides a guide to the fees required when submitting a PEPR for exploration or mining, or a MOP and for a change in operations application:

PEPR, MOP and change in operations fee calculator

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Searching the Mining Register

From 1 January 2021 there are no fees payable to undertake a search of the Mining Register.

During 2021 the information available for download from the Mining Register will be expanded.

Access to the Mining Register is available via:

South Australian Mining Register online search

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Frequently asked questions

Visit the frequently asked questions for more information about how the fee changes affect lease and licence applications, rent payable and PEPRs.

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