Cowell Electric Supply is the current licence holder for the generation, distribution, and retail of electricity within the RAES scheme, which is issued by The Essential Services Commission of South Australia.

Account customers, or postpayment customers, in the RAES scheme receive a quarterly account from Cowell for electricity consumed during that period.

The customer charter (PDF, 249.9 KB) outlines what you can expect as a RAES customer. It is based on the RAES Terms and conditions for sale or supply (PDF, 785.8 KB) that has been approved by ESCOSA as a requirement of the retail licence conditions.

Complete the application for new connection/notice of alteration (PDF, 193.9 KB) if you are constructing a new building that requires electricity connection for the first time, or are installing additional electrical appliances or equipment with capacity of 2.5 kW or more and require additional electricity supply.

Complete the application for electricity supply form (PDF, 535.4 KB) if you are moving into a property that has an electricity connection and have not previously been a Cowell Electric Supply customer.

Additional forms and information are available on the Cowell Electric website

Postpayment (Account/Billing)

There are a variety of ways to pay your bill including:

  • BPay
  • Centrelink Direct Payment
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit/Debit Card payment over the phone

If at any time you are having difficulties paying your account, contact Cowell Electric as soon as possible.


Eligible customers utilising the Prepayment system have the following payment options:

  • Prepayment meter card at participating stores
  • Web portal
  • Centrelink Direct Payment (Centrepay)
  • Credit/Debit Card payment over the phone

If at any time you are having difficulties applying credit to your meter, contact Cowell Electric as soon as possible.

These are current the Electricity Tariffs (PDF, 152.5 KB) for RAES Cowell Electric customers, which are reviewed by the Minister for Energy and Mining on an annual basis.

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your account or applying credit to your meter, please contact Cowell Electric as soon as possible. There are a number of opportunities for assistance.

Government concessions

If you hold an eligible card, receive an eligible Centrelink payment, or meet low-income provisions, you may be eligible for Government Concessions. To find out if you meet the criteria go to the Concessions SA website.

The Energy Concession and Cost of Living Concession can assist households with electricity costs. As part of a special agreement with Concessions SA, all Community Prepayment Customers will not be required to go through an application process for the Energy Concession, this will be applied directly to the meter.

Customers experiencing financial hardship

If at any time you are having difficulties paying your account, contact Cowell Electric immediately to avoid disconnection.

Flexible payment options are available to customers who are experiencing financial hardship. This is outlined in the Account Customer Hardship Policy (PDF, 199.9 KB)

The Energy Advisory Service provides free independent information on saving energy in your home, calculating appliance running costs and other general information.  Visit their website for more information.

Prepayment customer monitoring

The ESCOSA Code identifies a prepayment customer as potentially being in hardship (and therefore unable to pay for electricity) when the following occurs:

  • the customer informs the retailer that they are experiencing payment difficulties, or
  • when the retailer’s prepayment management system identifies that a customer has self-disconnected three or more times in any three-month period for longer than 240 minutes on each occasion.

In addition, RAES considers extended self-disconnection (24 hours or more) is also a potential indicator of customer hardship.

It is the responsibility of the Retailer (Cowell Electric) to monitor customers and to contact those who meet the criteria of potentially being in hardship.

Details of these requirements are set out in the Cowell Electric Supply Prepayment Cowell Electric Community Prepayment Monitoring and Reporting Policy (PDF, 209.3 KB)

Special arrangements have been made for New to Payment (Community Prepayment) customers. Further information can be found in the New to Payment section on the Community prepayment customers page, and in the New to Payment Customer Policy (PDF, 209.3 KB)