A practical tool for good practice engagement

Mineral exploration code of conductThe South Australian government is continually working to enhance the state’s economic growth, including through improving exploration sector competitiveness. As community expectations and leading practice environmental management requirements evolve, DEM is developing systems and processes that support multiple land use and land access for exploration.

DEM’s Mineral Exploration Code of Conduct (code) is a practical tool to help exploration companies or individuals respectfully engage with landowners or landholders who are directly impacted by a mineral exploration project.

Explorers and landowners should create their own local relationships built on good practice engagement. This is important to the current project - and for exploration projects that may occur locally in the future.

The code:

  • outlines good practices that support cooperative multiple land use across the state
  • provides practical steps for engagement during early and advanced exploration
  • is a tool to facilitate cooperative and commercially oriented discussions between an exploration company and landowner where applicable.

Having all exploration companies in the state follow the code will improve the reputation of the broader exploration and mining sector through good practice and record-keeping, supporting future exploration projects and landowners alike.

Using the Mineral Exploration Code of Conduct

The code of conduct consists of four parts:

Part A: Code of conduct – Principles that demonstrate good practice.

Part B: Following the code – Actions and documents that will demonstrate you've followed the code.

Part C: Useful templates – Templates that can help document your performance.

Part D: Auditing tool – For evaluating performance against the code – can be used for self or third-party assessment.

The code is voluntary and is not regulated by DEM. It builds on similar codes that have been adopted in other Australian jurisdictions and by industry bodies.

Download the templates:

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