Programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) and Mine Operation Plans (MOP)

All mining leases (MLs) and miscellaneous purposes licences (MPLs) must be operated in accordance with an approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR). In the case of a private mine, the tenement must be operated in accordance with an approved mine operations plan (MOP).

PEPRs/MOPs seek to ensure that tenement holders achieve their environmental outcomes through the construction, operation and completion of their mining operation. Environmental outcomes are typically derived from environmental impact assessments, but also consider reviews of the PEPR/MOP and stakeholder engagement. PEPRs/MOPs are an important tool for seeking to minimise and regulate impacts to the environment through mining operations, while ensuring tenement holders consider the life-cycle of their operation and the rehabilitation of land.

Tenement Holders must submit a PEPR after the grant of a mineral tenement, with the required timeframe specified in the lease conditions. Operations cannot commence until an approved PEPR is in place.

PEPRs/MOPs must be prepared in accordance with the relevant ministerial determination and mineral regulatory guideline, as outlined below:

Ministerial determinations

Mineral regulatory guidelines

A mining PEPR or MOP must be submitted using the online Mining programs submission form. If you need assistance to fill out the on-line submission form please contact Business Support via email:

A list of PEPRs which have been approved recently can be found in the below table. Previously approved PEPRs can be accessed via the Georeference section of the South Australian Resources Information Gateway.

Approved PEPRLease/LicenceLocationResource Date approved
Mountain of Light Copper MineML 54673 km southeast of the township of CopleyCopper29/06/2022
Ceduna Quarry (PDF 1.2 MB) EML 5630,  EML 6053 Approximately 12 km southeast of Ceduna Limestone, calcrete 13/04/2022
Bull's Comaum Sand Pit (PDF 3.8 MB) EML 5110 Approximately 22 km northeast of Penola Sand 07/03/2022
Prominent Hill Mine ML 6228 and others Approximately 115 km southeast of Coober Pedy Copper, gold, silver 01/03/2022
Stewart Range Quarry (PDF 1.1 MB) EML 6530 Stewart Range area, approximately 8 km northwest of Naracoorte Limestone 25/02/2022
Buzzard Iron Ore Project (PDF 13.0 MB) ML 6531 McDouall Peak area, approximately 115 km south-southeast of Coober Pedy Iron ore 18/02/2022
Castines Quarry (PDF 782 KB) ML 6116 Approximately 15 km west of Penola Limestone 23 November 2021
Wombat Pit (PDF 12 MB) ML 6527 Kadina area, approximately 11 km east of Wallaroo Calcrete, limestone 12 October 2021
Johnson's Sand Pit (PDF 4 MB) EML 6529 Approximately 6 km west of Renmark Sand 23 September 2021
Butler Sand Pit (PDF 3 MB) EML 5308 Approximately 6 km west of Arthurton, Yorke Peninsula Sand 8 September 2021
- Main report (PDF 31 MB)
- Appendices part 1 (PDF 73 MB)
- Appendices part 2 (PDF 70 MB)
EML 6330 and others Approximately 200 km northwest of Ceduna Limestone, calcrete, gravel 31 August 2021
Mount Compass Sand and Loam (PDF 113 MB) ML 6451, EMLs 6450, 5521, 5199 3 km west of the township of Mount Compass To include sand washing 3 August 2021
Nuske Sand Pit (PDF 9 MB) EML 6524 Approximately 6 km west-northwest of Renmark Sand 2 August 2021
Mountain of Light Copper Mine (PDF 140 MB) ML 5467 500 km north of Adelaide in the Northern Flinders Ranges Copper 12 July 2021
South Middleback Range (PDF 76 MB) ML 6441 and others Middleback Ranges, southwest of Whyalla, Eyre Peninsula Iron ore, hematite 30 June 2021

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