All Home Battery Scheme (HBS) subsidies have now been allocated

For questions regarding a conditionally approved Home Battery Scheme subsidy

If your question is about the status, details, or payment of a subsidy, contact Plenti on or call 1300 396 078 during business hours.

For all other questions about a subsidy, contact the Department for Energy and Mining on or call 8463 3555 during business hours.

For information on solar and batteries for your home

Visit SA.GOV.AU or call the Energy Advisory Service on 8204 1888 or 1800 671 907 (free call from fixed lines). The Energy Advisory Service is available Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The following terms, conditions, and criteria of the Home Battery Scheme still apply:

Home Battery Scheme Eligible Equipment

Applications for systems to be approved and added to the HBS Eligible Equipment List have now closed.

This closure does not affect any of the terms or criteria of the Home Battery Scheme. HBS-subsidised installations must still be completed using the Eligible Equipment they were conditionally approved for.

This closure does not affect any systems already approved. The more than 3,000 systems currently on the list covering 30 battery brands will remain valid until:

  • final installations are completed in December 2023; or
  • the system ceases to comply with the Equipment Eligibility Criteria, whichever is the earlier.

This closure does not affect any Home Battery Scheme subsidies currently conditionally approved. Subsidies can continue to be progressed under the terms and for the battery systems that they are conditionally approved for.

Solar Victoria Solar Homes Program

From January 2023, Solar Victoria will no longer use the HBS Eligible Equipment List and will transition to a new approach for managing their Approved Product Battery List.

Information about how to apply to the Solar Victoria Approved Battery List will be available on the following Solar Victoria webpage in January 2023:

Please monitor and refer to that webpage for information as it is published. If you have any questions about Solar Victoria’s new approach to the Approved Battery List, please email their Industry Development and Technology Team at