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Map of Australia and its location on the continental shelf, showing location of petroleum wells. Courtesy Geoscience AustraliaAbout AUSTRALIA Energy Resources

AUSTRALIA Energy Resources (AER) is a collaboration between petroleum geologists and regulators across the nation’s Commonwealth and State/Territory jurisdictions.

Its main purpose is to promote, domestically and internationally, emerging investment opportunities in Australia’s many underexplored energy resource-bearing basins.

AER strongly supports the exploration for and development of energy resource commodities to fast-track Australia’s transition to a low emission economy.


Australian Government (federal)

National policy and regulation:

  • Allocation of offshore petroleum titles
  • Fiscal, monetary and taxation policy
  • Foreign investment and trade
  • Environmental approvals

State/Territory Governments (regional)

Regional policy and regulation:

  • Allocation of onshore petroleum and mining titles
  • Collection of onshore royalties
  • Land access, environmental approvals

Contact information

If you have any queries, please contact us at Australia.Petroleum@ga.gov.au. Alternatively the contact details for individual jurisdictions are below:

JurisdictionName and positionContact
Northern Territory (NT)Dorothy Close
Northern Territory Geological Survey
Darwin, NT
Email: dorothy.close@nt.gov.au
Western Australia (WA)Jeff Haworth
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Perth, WA
Email: jeffrey.haworth@dmirs.wa.gov.au
South Australia (SA)Elinor Alexander
Department for Energy and Mining
Adelaide, SA
Email: elinor.alexander@sa.gov.au
Victoria (Vic)Louise Goldie Divko
Geological Survey of Victoria
Melbourne, Vic
Email: louise.goldiedivko@ecodev.vic.gov.au
New South Wales (NSW)Kevin Ruming
Geological Survey of New South Wales
Maitland, NSW
Email: geoscience.petroleum@geoscience.nsw.gov.au
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Tom Bernecker
Geoscience Australia
Canberra, ACT
Email: tom.bernecker@ga.gov.au

Whilst the Queensland jurisdiction is not currently participating in AUSTRALIA Energy Resources, you can visit their website: Queensland Government - Department of Resources.

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Fact sheets

NAPE 2021

Presentations and downloads

Download the information on this page as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF:

AACC: Virtual Seminar

AER presented an online seminar about current and emerging investment opportunities in Australia for the Australian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) in February 2021.

Watch on YouTube:

Download each PowerPoint as a PDF:

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