Regulatory philosophy publications

The role of government in technical regulation: 'finding the right balance' (PDF 45 KB)
McDonough, R. 2003 

Development of a Compliance Policy for the Petroleum Act 2000 (PDF 451 KB)
Outlines the principles used as a guide to the development and implementation of the Energy Resource Division's compliance policy and discusses enforcement tools available to obtain compliance.

Morton, J. 2002

The South Australian Petroleum Act 2000 - principles and philosophy of best practice regulation (PDF 370 KB)
Malavazos, M. 2001

A Model for Environmental, Health and Safety Regulation for the Mining and Upstream Petroleum Industries (PDF 360 KB)
Malavazos, M. 1998

Compliance publications

Goal Attainment Scaling: Environmental Impact Evaluation in the Upstream Petroleum Industry (PDF 194 KB)

Goal attainment scaling: A Performance Evaluation Tool for Assessing the Achievement of Environmental Goals (PDF 178 KB)
Paper presented at the Minerals Council of Australia 20th Annual Environmental Workshop in Darwin, October 2005 where GAS was introduced to the Broader industry.

Goal Attainment Scaling: A Tool for Evaluating Pipeline Environmental Performance (PDF 993 KB)
Discusses the application of GAS to assess pipeline easement rehabilitation.

Criteria for the abandonment of seismic lines and wellsites

This study aimed to identify and assess the impacts of seismic lines and wellsites in the South Australian area of the Cooper Basin. The impacts are assessed in terms of their relative significance (adverse or long lasting effects) to the surrounding area. In doing this the temporal nature of rehabilitation and changes in wellsite and seismic line preparation techniques have been considered.

Review of borrow pit construction, use and rehabilitation in the Cooper Basin

This report identified that an amendment of the GAS criteria would provide positive environmental outcomes particularly to address potential cumulative impacts associated with both legacy pits and the ongoing construction of new pits across the basin.

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