Lodging a submission

Submissions should be emailed to DEM.MiningRegRehab@sa.gov.au, but can also be posted to:

Mining Regulation Branch 
Department for Energy and Mining 
GPO Box 320 
Adelaide SA 5001

What to include in a submission

When making a submission, you should consider:

  • If the applicant has adequately described the existing environment as far as this is relevant to the proposed operations. The environment is not limited to the natural environment (air, water, flora, fauna), but also includes buildings and infrastructure, public health and safety and the geological, cultural and aesthetic values of the area
  • If the application/proposal has adequately identified the potential impacts on the environment that may arise from the proposed operations
  • If the proposed environmental outcomes are acceptable
  • If the proposed mitigation measures are practical and are likely to achieve the desired outcomes
  • If the proposed outcome measurement criteria are suitable to demonstrate achievement of the proposed outcomes

Outcomes and criteria

An outcome is a statement of the impact on the environment (which may be no impact) caused by the proposed mining activities. Outcome statements must be accompanied by measurement criteria which are designed to demonstrate that the outcome has been achieved. The Department for Energy and Mining will regulate the operation using the approved criteria to demonstrate achievement of the outcome.

An example of an outcome related to groundwater might be:

  • 'No adverse impact to groundwater quantity for pastoral use on the adjoining property caused by mining operations.'

A criterion for this outcome might be:

  • 'Quarterly monitoring of groundwater bores GW01-07 demonstrates water levels are not being drawn down more than 2 metres compared to the pre-mining water levels for those bores accounting for seasonal variation as detailed in Table x.'

What happens after you make a submission?

When you make a written submission that submission becomes a public record. Your submission will be provided to the applicant and may be made available for public inspection. The applicant may be asked to address concerns raised through the public consultation process.

When the decision whether to grant or refuse the application is made, and what conditions should be placed on the lease or licence, any written submissions made must be taken into consideration. This means that public input is essential to setting the environmental outcomes the mine must comply with (and which will be strictly enforced by the Department for Energy and Mining) should the lease or licence be granted.

Any person who has made a written submission during the consultation period will be notified of the decision in writing, including the terms and conditions of the lease if it has been granted.