Resource Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), Copper (Cu)
CompanyTerramin Australia Ltd
Status Care and maintenance
Mining operation
  • Underground operation using conventional underground mining and processing techniques (includes crushing, flotation and drying)
  • First lead-precious metal concentrate trucked to Nyrstar Port Pirie Smelter in July 2008
  • First shipment of 5,400 tonnes of zinc concentrate left Port Adelaide for South Korea in September 2008
  • Terramin has a whole-of-mine offtake agreement with Sempra Metals and Concentrates Corp. for all Angas Mine concentrates
  • Angas Zinc Mine was placed under care and maintenance in late 2013.
Location 2 km outside Strathalbyn, 60 km southeast of Adelaideangas_blue
Tenement information

Mineral lease ML 6229 (Angas Zinc Mine) and  extractive mineral lease EML 5325 (Hart and Jones Quarry Angas)

Download map showing Angas Zinc Mine tenements via the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

The deposit The zinc and silver-lead deposit was discovered in 1991 by Aberfoyle Resources Ltd. Following analysis of the regional geology the deposit was not deemed large enough to warrant further exploration and possible development. Terramin acquired the licences in 1997 and commenced an intensive drilling program to further define the mineral reserves.
Resource estimates and production estimates

Company released resource estimates and production statistics for South Australia's major operating and approved mines are summarised in South Australia's major operating/approved mines: resources estimates and production statistics

Approval process

Lease granted to Terramin Australia Ltd on 17 August 2006

In August 2017 the South Australian Government approved Terramin’s program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) for mine closure.

Latest documents and reports

Program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) and mine closure plan (MCP) 2017

  1. Program for environment protection and rehabilitation - main document (PDF 14.5 MB)
  2. Program for environment protection and rehabilitation - appendix A (PDF 56 MB)
  3. Program for environment protection and rehabilitation - appendix B–Z (PDF 75 MB)
  4. Mine closure plan - main document (PDF 15 MB)
  5. Mine closure plan - appendices A–AY (PDF 87 MB)
  6. Mine closure plan - appendices AZ–BR (PDF 36 MB)
  7. Mine closure plan - appendices BS–CE (PDF 25 MB)
  8. Mine closure plan - appendices CF–Z (PDF 98 MB)
Annual mining compliance report (MCR)
Tailings storage facility (TSF) management and surveillance report
Community engagement

In February 2018, the Strathalbyn Community Consultative Committee (SCCC) endorsed a series of informative posters describing the main risks and actions identified within the 2017 Mine Closure PEPR. The Committee provides a forum for effective communication between all stakeholders and community consultation and feedback on issues relating to the mining operations in the area.

More information on the Committee including related documents and publications is available at

Development Act

On 5 July 2019, the Minister for Planning granted a Section 49 Development Approval for Hydrostor to develop a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) project, which proposed to utilise parts of the Angas Zinc Mine's underground infrastructure.

The project was discontinued in early 2021.

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