Resource Zinc (Zn)
CompanyPerilya Freehold Mining Pty Ltd
Status Care and maintenance
Mining operation

The Beltana Mine was an open cut mining operation with previous crushing of ore on site. The site also crushed ore from several nearby satellite deposits within 15 km of Beltana in the Northern Flinders region.

Mining and crushing operations were completed at the Beltana Mine in February 2008, ahead of schedule and under budget. Production for the short campaign totalled 316 400 t of zinc silicate producing 101 385 tonne of contained zinc, a much higher volume than initially proposed as a suitable market was found for lower grade ore. Two shipments to Chinese customers occurred in late 2007.

On 24 January 2008 Perilya signed a 2 year supply agreement with a Chinese company Padaeng Industry Public Co. for the sale of 60,000 tonnes high grade ore and 50,000 tonnes low grade ore from Beltana. Sales of stockpiled ore were completed in mid-2010.

beltana_blue8 km south east of Leigh Creek, 520 km north of Adelaide in the Flinders Ranges
Tenement information
  • Three  mineral lease tenements - MLs 4369, 4370 and 4371
  • Miscellaneous purpose licence MPL 85
  • Three retention leases - RL 5 and RL 6 (Beltana) and RL 7 (Aroona Zinc Mine).

The mine/deposit is frequently named Beltana-Aroona due to a second occurrence, the Aroona Mine, located 10.3 km to the northwest.

Download map showing Beltana Zinc Mine tenements via the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG).
The deposit

The mineralisation is hosted stratigraphically at the top of a Cambrian limestone unit and has been subject to intense dolomitisation and ferruginsation.

Resource estimates and production estimates

Company released resource estimates and production statistics for South Australia's major operating and approved mines are summarised in South Australia's major operating/approved mines: resources estimates and production statistics (PDF)

Approval process
  • Mining and rehabilitation plan (MARP) approved in 2007
  • Amendment to the 2007 MARP approved in 2009
Documents and reports

Mining and rehabilitation program (MARP)

Note: Following amendments to the Mining Act 1971 which came into force on 1 July 2011, mining and rehabilitation programs (MARPs) have been replaced by programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPRs). Previously approved MARPs will be deemed to be PEPRs.

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