Resource Iron ore - Hematite Fe2O3

Peak Iron Pty Ltd

Southern Iron Pty Ltd

Mining operation

Open cut iron ore mine; following extraction ore will be placed on a run of mine pad for storage prior to being trucked via a specifically designed haul road to a rail/loop siding approximately 0.5 km north of the existing Wirrida siding on the Adelaide to Darwin rail line.

Locationpeculiar_knob_blue 90 km southeast of Coober Pedy - good access provided by the Stuart Highway and the Wirrida siding on the Adelaide to Darwin railway line 80 km to the west.
Tenement information

Download preset map showing location of tenement via the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG).

The Peculiar Knob Operation consists of mineral lease ML 6314, extractive mineral lease EML 6366 and an application for a mineral lease (MC 4367) and an application for a miscellaneous purpose licence.

The deposit Located in the Mount Woods Inlier of the Gawler Craton in the younger (Paleoproterozoic) of two iron-rich sequences in the Craton.
Resource estimates and production statistics

Company released resource estimates and production statistics for South Australia's major operating and approved mines are summarised in South Australia's major operating/approved mines: resources estimates and production statistics.

Approval process
  • ML 6314 was granted in June 2008
  • EMLs 6363-6382 and MPLs 125/131 were granted in October 2010
  • MPLs 133 and 134 for water supply infrastructure were granted in June 2010
  • MPL 141 for the camp water bore field infrastructure was granted in April 2013

An application for a miscellaneous purposes licence (MPL) for the construction of water supply infrastructure required to service the accommodation village at the mine has been submitted.

Supplementary mining lease and miscellaneous purpose licence

Current documents

Program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR)