Closing a mine 

Mine closures can occur at the end of the mining lease term, or at any other time where the tenement holder seeks to surrender their tenement. When a mine is closed, the land must be rehabilitated, and the mine closed in accordance with the requirements of the lease conditions and or approved program. This ensures that the environmental impacts of the mine are minimised, and that public safety is considered.

To surrender a tenement, the holder must lodge a Form 14: Lease or licence: surrender or partial surrender with associated information such as a final compliance report and statutory declaration, as detailed in the Application to Surrender a Mineral Tenement Information Sheet (PDF, 156.6 KB).

Holders may also seek to surrender a portion of the tenement, if that area of land is no longer required for their operations. When seeking a partial surrender, the tenement holder must have a plan of the surrender, with GPS coordinates attached.

On receipt of an application for surrender, an assessment will be conducted which will include a final site inspection to review compliance with the rehabilitation and closure requirements in the lease conditions and/or the approved program.

All obligations related to the tenement (including lodgement of mining returns, payment of royalty and rent, and compliance with the PEPR), remain the tenement holder’s responsibility until the surrender is approved and entered on the Mining Register.

To commence surrendering a mineral tenement, refer to the forms and fees.