Prescribed generating systems connecting to the electricity distribution network in South Australia are required to be capable of being remotely disconnected and reconnected by a relevant agent registered with the Technical Regulator.

Management of small generators contributes to the ability of the distribution network to host distributed energy resources and secure operation of the power system.

All new prescribed electricity generating plants must be capable of being remotely disconnected, and later reconnected, by the relevant agent.

Where components of a designated electricity generating plant are replaced, this also requires that plant meet the remote disconnection and reconnection requirement.

A guideline providing further details regarding declared components for both remote disconnect and reconnection as well as export limitation use-cases can be found in Section 6 of Technical Regulator Guidelines - Distributed Energy Resources (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Relevant agents

The relevant agent is a party who has been authorised and/or appointed by the owner or operator of the prescribed electricity generating plant by written authorisation to manage the above requirement on their behalf.

The parties included in the list of relevant agents (see link below) can be nominated and appointed by an owner or operator of an electricity generating plant as their relevant agent. Note that assessments of prospective relevant agents are ongoing and this list will be frequently updated.

A relevant agent can only be directed by a person that has a legal right to issue such a direction.

relevant agents are required to provide information to the Technical Regulator in an agreed format which includes:

  • The location and size of each designated electricity generating plant; and
  • The name and contact details of the relevant agent (which may be the main point of contact at the relevant agent) for each designated electricity generating plant.

This information will only be provided to the following:

  • A person with lawful authority to direct that a designated electricity generating plants be disconnected from, or reconnected to, a distribution network; and
  • The operator of a distribution network.

List of relevant agents

The parties included in the following list can be nominated and appointed by an owner or operator of an electricity generating plant as their relevant agent.

For details on the on-site, technology and communication requirements of relevant agents please contact the relevant agent directly. Contact details are provided in the above list.

Applying to become a relevant agent

Those considering becoming a relevant agent should first refer to the Technical Regulator Guideline – Relevant Agent Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 276.0 KB) which defines the expected functions of a relevant agent.

Further information on the deemed technical methodologies for disconnection and reconnection of electricity generating plants can be found in Section 7 of the Technical Regulator Guidelines - Distributed Energy Resources (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Interested parties who wish to become a relevant agent are required to complete the registration form (DOCX, 300.5 KB) and submit this to the Technical Regulator by email at

How do these requirements affect systems above 200 kW that are already controlled by SA Power Networks?

The new requirements are only applicable to new installations or those which have had a component replaced or upgraded in an existing installation that is included in the list of declared components to be published by the Technical Regulator.

For new solar systems larger than 200 kW, several relevant agents have been registered as able to provide the required services. The details and contact information for these relevant agent offerings can be found on the current version of the list of relevant agents.

Further information

For further information regarding the regulatory changes for smarter homes please contact the Office of the Technical Regulator: