The Resource Area Management and Planning (RAMP) project encourages ongoing access to long-life, valuable extractive resources and aims to minimise potential land-use conflicts.

The project addresses need to update and improve how the state's planning and mining legislation interacts and how government agencies – Department for Innovation and Skills and Department for Infrastructure and Transport - share information at appropriate stages.

It focuses on extractive mineral resources in the greater Adelaide region and major regional centres, where urban areas are expanding rapidly. Both planning and extractive mine development systems need updating so they complement rather than compete with each other.

RAMP report

The RAMP report recommended the following ways to secure the future of South Australia's long-life extractive and construction material resources and quarry operations:

  • Review and update best practice policy tools and guides for existing and future operations.
  • Boost awareness of strategic mineral resources at local government level.
  • Provide ongoing assistance to the extractive minerals industry to mitigate impacts.
  • Review transport routes designation process and provide better signage.