150 archived news articles

Title Publish date
$220 million Moomba carbon capture storage to cut emissions 7% 02 Nov 2021
$3,000 subsidies to drive electric vehicle take-up 26 Aug 2021
$600 million Prominent Hill expansion to drive COVID-recovery 19 Aug 2021
$750 million green hydrogen project for Port Pirie 09 Dec 2021
Accelerating mineral exploration in South Australia 26 Nov 2021
All systems go for Project EnergyConnect 08 Apr 2022
Applications now open for $3,000 Electric Vehicle subsidies 07 Dec 2021
Assessing and managing risk of COVID exposures in resources and energy sector 25 Nov 2021
Big bill savings for concession holders in new pilot 13 Feb 2021
Bill to create new Energy Resources Act 07 Jun 2021
Businesses electrify The Bend at Electric Vehicle Drive Day 19 Oct 2021
Businesses keen to plug into charging network 24 May 2021
Buzzard Iron Ore mining lease paves way for 300 construction jobs 26 Nov 2021
Concession holders to be given free solar systems 17 May 2021
COVID -19: cross-border travel arrangements from 23 November 12 Nov 2021
COVID-19 cross-border application processes 09 Sep 2021
COVID-19 Resources and Energy Sector update 20 Jul 2021
COVID-19 update for the resources sector 29 Jan 2021
COVID-19 update: entry restrictions into South Australia from Victoria 12 May 2021
COVID-19 update: recording essential traveller vaccination status 05 Oct 2021
COVID-19 update: restrictions for travellers from Queensland 08 Jan 2021
COVID-19 update: revised cross-border travel restrictions 30 Mar 2021
COVID-19 update: testing and vaccination requirements 26 Aug 2021
COVID-19 updated guidance and advice for resources and energy sector 28 Dec 2021
COVID-19: amended restrictions on travellers from Greater Melbourne 11 Feb 2021
COVID-19: changes to cross-border arrangements for South Australia 26 Oct 2021
COVID-19: Cross Border Travel from Greater Melbourne 24 Feb 2021
COVID-19: SA travel restrictions update 16 Aug 2021
DEM seeks further information as part of proposed quarry changes 31 Jul 2021
EP Link to power jobs now and into the future 20 May 2021
EV Smart Charging Trials 23 Dec 2021
Feasibility study on export of South Australian green hydrogen to Rotterdam 23 Mar 2021
Future jobs pipeline as Expressions of Interest sought to develop SA's Port Bonython 18 May 2021
Get energised, dig deep, and nominate for the 2021 Premier' Awards in Energy and Mining 13 Aug 2021
Great White Kaolin 21 Dec 2021
Green hydrogen plant is global pacesetter 15 Mar 2021
Interconnector to deliver cheaper, cleaner electricity and thousands of jobs 31 May 2021
Komatsu can do at Kanmantoo copper mine 02 Dec 2021
Leaders and innovators recognised at the Premier's Awards for Energy and Mining 12 Nov 2021
New battery to bolster energy grid 24 Mar 2021
New cross border travel application process - update for resources and energy sector 22 Nov 2021
New cross-border direction (No 6) re. travel from WA 28 Apr 2021
No solar, no worries! World leading home battery deal 01 Jul 2021
Now we're cooking - with hydrogen gas 19 May 2021
Overwhelming response to Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub flags renewable jobs boom 31 Oct 2021
Response to COVID-19 transmission in New South Wales 07 May 2021
Roseworthy solar project powers up 20 May 2021
SA COVID-19 Direction no.37 for travel from Victoria 15 Feb 2021
SA Government and Australian Government bilateral energy and emissions reduction agreement 18 Apr 2021
SA signs global COP26 declaration for 100 per cent zero emission vehicles 08 Apr 2022
SA's newest big battery to support cheaper, more reliable power 29 Dec 2021
Smart, green hot water gets the pilot light 25 Feb 2021
South Australia ranks in Top 10 for global mining investment 26 Feb 2021
South Australia's exploration initiative 20 May 2021
South Australian climate change initiatives 27 Oct 2021
St Kilda mangroves - clean up authorisation issued 01 Mar 2021
Study shows first exports of hydrogen from South Australia to Port of Rotterdam feasible this decade 16 Dec 2021
Subsidy to drive EV smart charging uptake 07 Dec 2021
Tightened restrictions for resource industry workers entering SA from WA 01 Feb 2021
United plan to reduce lead levels in Port Pirie 02 Dec 2021
Update on COVID-19 travel exemptions application process 24 Sep 2021
Update on St Kilda mangroves 12 Jan 2021
Update on St Kilda mangroves activities 22 Jan 2021
Western Australia COVID-19 outbreak: update for SA resources sector 27 Apr 2021

Title Publish date
A powerful argument for another interconnector 19 Feb 2020
Accelerated Discovery Initiative opening new exploration frontiers 26 Nov 2020
AGL's big battery 14 Aug 2020
APY Lands solar and batteries to save a million litres of diesel 26 Aug 2020
Australia's largest electrolyser arrives at Hydrogen Park SA 09 Jul 2020
Australian Hydrogen Centre gets the green light 21 Feb 2020
Backing Australian hydrogen industry to grow jobs, economy and exports 04 May 2020
Battery bonus for new home buyers 29 Jan 2020
Bird in Hand Gold Project statutory process update 09 Feb 2020
Building a cooler future 06 Nov 2020
Building what matters for a cleaner energy future 10 Nov 2020
Caravan and RV owners urged to check for potential dangerous gas water heaters 11 Dec 2020
Cheaper electricity prices coming 10 Feb 2020
COVID-19 advice for Cooper Eromanga Basin operators 08 Apr 2020
COVID-19 advice for Cooper Eromanga Basin operators 27 Mar 2020
COVID-19 controls: new Directions released 21 Nov 2020
COVID-19 Cross-border travel update from the Chief Executive 27 Mar 2020
COVID-19 industry update for South Australia's energy and mining sectors 15 Apr 2020
COVID-19 Key direction changes for resources sector 28 Jul 2020
COVID-19 latest update for resources sectors 01 May 2020
COVID-19 update for South Australia's resources sector 14 May 2020
COVID-19 Update from Chief Executive: further restrictions on FIFO/DIDO travel arrangements 29 Mar 2020
COVID-19 update from the Chief Executive 24 Mar 2020
COVID-19 update regarding border restrictions 12 Jun 2020
COVID-19 update to Cross Border Travel Direction 20 Jun 2020
COVID-19 update: borders opening and COVID-testing trial 16 Jun 2020
COVID-19 update: Cross Border Travel Direction number 13 28 Aug 2020
COVID-19 update: includes online cross-border travel process 30 Jun 2020
COVID-19 update: New cross border travel restrictions from 21 December 21 Dec 2020
COVID-19 update: new cross-border travel direction 24 Sep 2020
COVID-19 update: responding to new outbreak in South Australia 16 Nov 2020
COVID-19 updated border arrangements - Travel Direction 16 08 Oct 2020
COVID-19 updated Cross-Border Travel Direction - no.9 21 Jul 2020
COVID-19: application of new Stay at Home Direction to energy and mining sectors 19 Nov 2020
COVID-19: Cross Border Travel application process removed 18 Dec 2020
COVID-19: cross-border travel restrictions updated 09 Jul 2020
COVID-19: Energy and Mining Sectors update 18 Nov 2020
Energy projects delivering jobs 18 Aug 2020
Expanded big battery charges up for testing 26 Jun 2020
ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge competition winners announced with $5 million funding boost 15 Sep 2020
Extractives Industry Supply Chain Review welcomed by Government 26 Nov 2020
Fee relief for COVID19-hit resources sector 03 Apr 2020
Four years on from a dark day for South Australia 28 Sep 2020
Goyder South expansion Development Application now available 20 Aug 2020
Home batteries for bushfire victims 03 Mar 2020
Home batteries going like hot cakes 17 Apr 2020
Home Battery Scheme's first step-down of subsidy 06 Mar 2020
Hydrogen Prospectus shows epic future for SA Renewables 30 Oct 2020
Important safety message regarding gas outage in Mount Gambier 12 Sep 2020
Labor risks repeating its own 2017 state-wide blackout 31 Aug 2020
Lake Bonney Battery boosts energy competition 21 Jan 2020
Landmark study into SA hydrogen jobs and export potential 21 Aug 2020
Launch of South Australia's Energy and Mining Strategy 20 Oct 2020
Mammoth investments in renewables taking shape in Port Augusta 09 Oct 2020
Marshall Government welcomes the accelerationn of the SA-NSW interconnector 15 Sep 2020
Mining Act regulations consultation 06 Jul 2020
New power deal: big solar farm, big battery, jobs and savings 02 Nov 2020
New resources information service to help landowners and rural communities 02 Jul 2020
New standards making power more secure and clean 28 Sep 2020
Next step in Home Battery Scheme as battery prices fall 09 Sep 2020
Pedal to the metal for an electrifying drive 06 Nov 2020
Port Augusta Courthouse receives boost from battery energy storage 05 Jun 2020
Power prices falling for household and small businesses 30 Apr 2020
Reminder to reduce carbon monoxide exposure in the home 10 Feb 2020
Remote communities to get cheaper electricity 19 Oct 2020
Resources and Energy Sector COVID-19 update: NSW border restrictions 31 Dec 2020
Restrictions on resource sector operations to be eased 20 Nov 2020
SA-NSW Interconnector and Smart Solar 'critical' to maintain energy security 19 Jun 2020
SA_NSW interconnector to deliver even bigger savings for South Australian households and businesses 08 Oct 2020
Sealing works start on the Strzelecki Track 30 Nov 2020
South Australia joins the race to harness cleaner, cheaper power through electric vehicles 13 Sep 2020
South Australia's first long term infrastructure strategy 13 May 2020
South Australia's new green hydrogen plant to supply industry 23 Oct 2020
South Australia's Virtual Power Plant to boost capacity 04 Sep 2020
South Australian Mining Act and Regulations review 20 Nov 2020
Staged feedback to be sought on draft mining regulations 13 Mar 2020
Starting to seal the Strzelecki Track 23 Jun 2020
State Government announces assessment guidelines to increase copper production at Olympic Dam 22 May 2020
State Government delivering cheaper electricity 30 Aug 2020
Successful applicants for Petroleum Exploration Acreage in Cooper and Otway Basins announced 30 Jun 2020
Successful exploration applicants announced 24 Jun 2020
Temporary border controls between Victoria and South Australia 19 Nov 2020
Update for the Mining, Quarrying, Oil, Gas and Energy sectors 04 Apr 2020
Update to COVID-19 restrictions 09 Dec 2020
World-leading $240 million hydrogen project launched, supported by $37 million upgrade to Pt Bonython jetty 05 Nov 2020
You can bank on cheaper electricity 15 Jun 2020