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Most units of measurement used in this website are those of the International System of Units (SI) and are not included in this glossary. Units outside the SI which have been authorised for use within Australia’s metric system, and units having general application are given.

‰ parts per mil (per thousand)
ºC degree Celsius (the Celsius temperature)
cP centipoise (10-2 P; viscosity; P = 10-4 Pa.s (pascal second))
GJ gigajoule (109 joule)
J joule (energy; 1 kg.m2/s2)
kL kilolitre (volume; =1 m3)
kPa kilopascal (103 Pa)
Ma million years
mD millidarcies (permeability)
MPa megapascal (106 Pa)
mW milliwatt (10-3 watt)
Pa pascal (pressure; Pa = 1 kg /m.s2)
PJ petajoule (1015 joule)
sm3 standard cubic metre
t tonne (mass; = 103 kg)
W watt (power; 1 kg.m2/s3)



1 cubic metre (m3) = 1 kilolitre (kL)
1 cubic metre (m3) = 35.49373 cubic feet (standard conditions are assumed for conversions of gas: 15°C and 101.325 kPa)
1 square kilometre = 247.1 acres
1 kilolitre (kL) = 6.2898 barrels
1 kilopascal (kPa) = 0.1450 pound-force per square inch (psi)

Imperial units

bbl barrel
bcf billion cubic feet (109)
bopd barrels of oil per day
mmbbl million barrels
mm(s)cf million (standard) cubic feet
mmcfd million cubic feet per day
mmstb million stock tank barrels
psi pounds per square inch
psia pounds per square inch absolute
psig pounds per square inch gauge
scf standard cubic feet
tcf trillion cubic feet (1012)

Online resources

A number of websites offer conversion calculators for example:

Conversion apps and oilfield glossaries are available for mobile devices from Google Play and Apple app stores.

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