Members of the public were invited to submit written comments on the mining lease proposal (MLP) and the environmental impact statement (EIS) between 19 November 2015 and 02 February 2016. Government received 105 public submissions.

The MLP and EIS applications were also circulated to relevant government departments for review and comment on relevant technical matters within their specialised areas of expertise.

Response requests to Iron Road

Public submissions received

The 105 public submissions have been compiled into 4 volumes for ease of downloading. The master index file indicates in which volume and on which page a particular submission can be found. Use the indexing function or scroll to the page within that volume to locate the submission (the page number can be found bottom right of the document).

Amended versions of submissions may be published where the submission contains personal information about an individual or contains information that may identify a submitter when the submitter has requested private details be withheld.

Government gave a small number of submitters an opportunity to review their respective submissions for potential offensive, threatening, defamatory or inappropriate content and accepted the revised submissions. Private information has also been withheld if requested by the submitter.