Formed in 2010, the Roundtable has more than 2,250 representatives from over 1,150 organisations including industry, governments, and peak representative bodies for industry, environment protection and Aboriginal people, along with research institutions and individuals. It provides a forum for members to help inform the Government of South Australia on the planned directions paper, oil and gas strategy and the new expanded Roadmap of onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. Membership of the Roundtable is free and open to all.

About the Roundtable

Membership list, working groups, next meeting details

Roadmap for Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

Development of the new Roadmap, Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in South Australia (2012)

Timeline and previous meetings

Previous meetings and presentations, timeline of events

29 Directions for action

Recommendations for action and priorities for the Division as proposed by Roundtable members

Next meeting

Roundtable members are invited to attend the 2023 meeting of the Roundtable for Energy Resources in South Australia, details TBC.

Presentations available for download from the 20 October 2022 meeting.

Membership of the Roundtable

Membership of the Roundtable is free and open to all. If you would like to join the Roundtable, register your interest to

The membership of the Roundtable for Energy Resources consists of local and multi-national companies, peak representative bodies for industry and environment, agencies from Australian States and Territories, Federal Governments and research institutions, along with several individuals.

Download a complete list of the current Roundtable Company members (PDF 731.2 KB)