A compliance report provides assurance to the community, industry, government and other stakeholders that regulatory obligations are being met.

An annual compliance report for authorised operations on a mining lease (authorised to produce extractive minerals or minerals), miscellaneous purpose licence, retention lease and a private mine is now required.

Mining compliance reports terms of reference and guidelines

Terms of reference

Terms of reference provide required information for applications and reports.

Determination: Terms of reference 009 - Mining compliance reports (Notice under Regulation 77 of the Mining Regulations 2020) (PDF 561 KB)

Guideline and template

The guideline on how to prepare a mining compliance report includes a compliance report template to assist tenement holders to prepare a report that meets the legislative requirements.

MG3 Preparing a mining compliance report (DOCX, 557.5 KB)

Submitting the report

Mining compliance report submissions must be made using the following submission form: