The Stronger Partners Stronger Futures (SPSF) program was established in 2016 to review interactions between explorers and native title groups for land access, with a focus on improving the operation of Part 9B—Native title land of the Mining Act 1971. Submissions were invited in 2019 on discussion papers proposing options for reforms in the key areas of interest.

Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report

The Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report sets out the measures the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) put in place in response to stakeholders' concerns about land access with a particular focus on solutions to improve early engagement for low impact exploration.

These measures are in part supported by improvements to the Mining Act 1971 through the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Act 2019 and new mining regulations. The new Mining Act and regulations are now operational delivering initiatives designed to promote better engagement with all landowners, and encourage successful land access negotiations for all parties.

DEM will monitor the progress of existing reforms and continue to identify opportunities to improve interaction between native title rights, Aboriginal heritage and mineral exploration on an ongoing basis.

The final components of SPSF will promote leading practice initiatives such as sharing information to support collaboration, capacity building, engagement and relationship building between native title groups, miners and explorers. DEM will provide guidance material in relation to these matters but implementation of these initiatives is at the discretion of each individual organisation.

Download the Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report (PDF 4.3 MB)

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