Resource Limestone and shale
Company Southern Quarries Pty Ltd
Status Operating, open cut
Mining operation

The Sellicks Hill Quarry produces limestone, marble and dolomite for construction material.

The Quarry provides many limestone and shale based products to the construction and agricultural markets in South Australia. Products range from sealing, asphalt and concrete aggregates, lime products manufactured for soil pH adjustment and animal nutrition to drainage and high quality road base products.

Sellicks Hill Quarry has been identified as a strategic mineral resources area in South Australia. More information about strategic extractive quarries can be found in Identification of Strategic Mineral Resource Areas in South Australia (PDF 4.0 MB)

Location and areaMap of South Australia showing location of Sellicks Hill QuarrySellicks Hill area, approximately 3 km south of Aldinga Beach covering an area of approximately 261 hectares
Tenement information

Sellicks Hill Quarry currently consists of extractive minerals lease (EML) 5440 and private mines (PM) 163 and 237.

  • EML 5440 - Southern Quarries Pty Ltd, area of 38 hectares, for the extraction of dolomite and limestone
  • PM 163 - Southern Quarries Pty Ltd, area of 114.99 hectares, for the extraction of marble and limestone
  • PM 237 - St Vincents Proprietary Ltd, area of 109.14 hectares, for the extraction of limestone (Southern Quarries Pty Ltd are the operators of this private mine)

Resource estimates and production estimates

Production statistics are available from Operating mines and quarries of South Australia

Statutory circulation

Southern Quarries Pty Ltd made an application for an extractive minerals lease (EML) pursuant to Section 35 of the Mining Act 1971, (the 'Act').

About the application
In support of an EML application over MC 4414, Southern Quarries Pty Ltd submitted a mining proposal (MP) which was made available for public comment from 24 January 2019 to 7 March 2019.  During this time 13 sumissions were received by South Australian Government Mineral Resources Division.

Under Section 35A of the Act, the Minister must invite members of the public to make written submissions in relation to an application for a mining lease, and have due consideration of the public submissions when assessing the mining application.

As a result of matters raised by the public and other government departments, the South Australian Government Mineral Resource Division requested that Southern Quarries Pty Ltd review and respond to all submissions received.

Current status of application

DEM has accepted Southern  Quarries response document and have now commenced the drafting of the public assessment report and the final recommendations.

Documents and reports

A MOP/PEPR for the Sellicks Hill Quarry was approved in May 2018. As this document includes information pertaining to Private Mines, in accordance with Section 73Q of the Mining Act 1971, a mine operations plan (MOP) is not available for public inspection.

More information including community updates, air monitoring reports and dust management plans is available on the Environment Protection Authority website:

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