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About Basin-in-a-Box

The Energy Resources Division is in the process of compiling and publishing “Basin-in-a-Box” datasets for the major under-explored frontier basins in South Australia. Datasets for the Simpson & Pedirka, Arckaringa, Officer and Arrowie Basins are available, with packages for the Otway, Polda and Stansbury Basins, plus the Renmark Trough, to follow in due course. It is not currently possible to offer a package of Cooper Basin data for download due to the massive data volumes, but Cooper Basin data can be ordered on hard drives from DEM.petroleum@sa.gov.au

The “Basin in a Box” data packages aim to facilitate exploration and new venture assessments by providing a complete well and seismic data package for each basin in a single, downloadable zip-file. Each package will contain all of the available data for a basin as follows:

  • Well log data (LAS format - see Note 1)
  • Well Completion Reports for all wells within the basin plus adjacent wells (PDF format)
  • An Excel spreadsheet containing any checkshot data for wells within the basin
  • All available “workstation-ready” 2D seismic data in SEGY format
  • Seismic acquisition and processing reports (PDF format)
  • Interpretation reports for expired licences (PDF format)
  • Any available Seismic Mapping products in time and / or depth (ASCII, Shapefile and Petrosys formats)
  • State-wide boundaries for all petroleum exploration, petroleum retention and petroleum production licences, plus also the ongoing licence applications in each of those categories (shape-files)
  • State-wide boundaries for areas with restricted or no petroleum access (shape-files)
  • A PDF of the relevant volume (if any) from the Petroleum Geology of South Australia series.

Well data

Where available, additional well data (e.g. well logs in LIS or DLIS formats as originally supplied and production data) can be downloaded from PEPS South Australia.

Basin map

Map showing petroleum basins of South Australia indicating available datasets

If you don’t see a data package for the basin you’re interested in, please either check back later as the packages for some of the basins are still in preparation, or contact the Data Management Team at DEM.petroleum@sa.gov.au.

Available datasets

Please refer to recent seismic data releases for reprocessed 2D data for the Cooper, Officer and Simpson-Pedirka Basins.


Whilst ERD has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of the data package, ERD does not provide any warranties or guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy of the data. In particular, some of the data provided (such as the outlines of petroleum tenements and conservation areas) may have changed since the data-package was created.