The Department maintains a comprehensive library of well completion reports for the approximately 3300 petroleum and geothermal wells that have been drilled in South Australia. The paper reports for older wells have all been scanned and are now held as PDF documents while the reports for newer wells were already in PDF format when submitted. All well completion reports are bookmarked for ease of navigation. Larger maps and logs are stored separately in either TIFF or JPEG (colour) format and are linked into the relevant well completion report.

SARIG can be used to view a map of all petroleum wells in South Australia and to search and download Well Completion Reports at no charge. Development of the Well Completion Reports module within PEPS South Australia is ongoing and WCR’s will also be accessible and downloadable via PEPS South Australia once the module is completed.

Downloads from both SARIG and PEPS South Australia are on a well-by-well basis. Requests for well completion reports and / or log data for multiple wells can also be made via Charges are levied for this service to cover staff time and the cost of media and shipping.