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Latest advances in South Australian geoscience and resource sector news


New prospectivity map

Slice of prospectivity map

Prospectivity modelling of the Olympic Cu–Au Province

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New geochemical and isotopic dataset

Mafic dyke intruding Tarcoola Formation

The link is in the geochemistry: how we know a metasomatised mantle underlies the mineral systems of the Gawler Craton

Read more on New geochemical and isotopic dataset


Acquisition milestone

20 August 2019

Gawler Craton Airborne Survey flying completed.

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Katnook under construction

20 August 2019

New gas processing plant in the Otway Basin.

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Celebrating the best

20 August 2019

Progressive approaches to the land and communities.

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Datum matters

20 August 2019

GDA2020 operative.

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Oil and gas compliance

20 August 2019

2018 report out now.

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IOCG in the spotlight

20 August 2019

Connecting globally to understand mineral systems.

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