South Australia has the wind, sun, land, infrastructure and skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier.

Hydrogen allows us to rethink how we generate and store energy, heat our homes, fuel transport, and decarbonise heavy industries such as mining and steel production.

When hydrogen is made using renewable electricity, the result is a carbon-free fuel.

South Australia’s world class renewable energy resources give the state a competitive edge in the race to supply clean, green, renewable hydrogen.

The South Australian Government is investing more than half a billion dollars to accelerate new hydrogen projects, shipping infrastructure and modelling tools for investors and developers.

Current government supported projects, include:

South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan

In September 2019, the South Australian government worked with industry to launch South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan.

The Plan builds on the government’s Hydrogen Roadmap for South Australia, released in 2017.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan has five objectives in scaling-up renewable hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption:

  • Facilitate investments in hydrogen infrastructure
  • Establish a world-class regulatory framework
  • Deepen trade relationships and supply capabilities
  • Foster innovation and workforce skills development
  • Integrate hydrogen into our energy system

Learn more about the research behind the Plan and download South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan

Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool and Prospectus

A key action of South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan was the completion of a $1.25 million hydrogen export pre-feasibility study, online modelling tool and prospectus to support the establishment of an international-scale clean hydrogen export value chain.

The Prospectus outlines the results of a pre-feasibility export study and the Tool provides an indicative view of the possible hydrogen export supply chain configurations.

Users can explore South Australia’s hydrogen potential, selecting different factors such as demand volumes, production technologies and export terminals, to result in a final free-on-board cost of clean hydrogen from South Australia as well as the associated capital, operating and financing costs to achieve it.

The Tool is free to access.

More about the Tool and Prospectus

With more than 60% of South Australia’s energy mix generated through renewable sources, new interconnection and storage technologies such as hydrogen will support South Australia to become a net 100 per cent renewable energy generator during the 2030s.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan

Released in 2019, South Australia’s Hydrogen Action plan sets out twenty actions across five key areas to help scale-up renewable hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption.

It will help underpin a safe and secure export sector, as well as accelerate hydrogen into the South Australian domestic economy.

Download South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan:

Online version

Print-ready version

Chinese Translation 中文翻译

Japanese Translation 南オーストラリア州水素行動計画

Study shows first exports of hydrogen from South Australia to Port of Rotterdam feasible this decade

A new study has found South Australia’s world class renewable energy resources will give South Australia a competitive edge in the race to supply clean hydrogen to Europe through the Port of Rotterdam.

The pre-feasibility study shows South Australian hydrogen is expected to be competitive on the future hydrogen market in Rotterdam and could supply up to 10% of Rotterdam’s hydrogen requirements in 2050. Rotterdam’s hydrogen demand is forecast to reach 18 million tonnes per annum by 2050.

Find out more about hydrogen in South Australia and Rotterdam:

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