South Australia has world-class wind resources that have attracted significant large scale renewable energy investment.

Harnessing energy from wind involves the use of a turbine to convert air motion into electricity. The turbine has several spinning blades attached to an electromagnetic generator that produces electricity when the wind causes the blades to spin.

The South Australian government has streamlined planning and approvals processes to ensure projects are not delayed by regulatory processes.

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Onshore wind farms in South Australia

There is over 2,000 MW in installed capacity in onshore wind farms in South Australia, comprised of the following projects:

Wind farm Installed capacity (MW)
Canunda 46
Cathedral Rocks 66
Clements Gap 57
Hallett 1 Brown Hill 95
Hallett 2 Hallett Hill 71
Hallett 4 Brown Hill North 132
Hallett 5 The Bluff 53
Hornsdale 102
Hornsdale 2 102
Hornsdale 3 112
Lake Bonney 80
Lake Bonney Stage 2 159
Lake Bonney Stage 3 39
Lincoln Gap (Stage 1) 126
Mt Millar 70
Snowtown 1 99
Snowtown South 126
Snowtown North 144
Starfish Hill 35
Waterloo 131
Wattle Point 91
Willogoleche 119

Offshore renewable energy generation

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A range of reports about electricity generation, consumption, demand and forecasting in South Australia have been prepared by the Australian Energy Market Operator for the South Australian government.

More information about how wind energy works and its place in the energy supply chain can be found at Student Energy.