Small-scale generation and storage projects

South Australia welcomes small-scale projects that generate and store renewable energy and contribute to the state's energy affordability and security.

Small-scale renewable energy generation refers to systems commonly installed and used in households and small businesses, such as solar panel systems, small-scale wind and hydro systems, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps.

The Energy Advisory Service can provide general information about installing solar panels or battery storage and the Office of the Technical Regulator can be contacted about safety concerns relating to a solar or battery installation.

Some local government organisations offer rebates for small-scale generation and battery storage. Contact your local council for more information.

Solar and battery programs

With the support of the Government of South Australia, Tesla and electricity retailer Energy Locals are developing South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant (SA VPP), a network of potentially 50,000 solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery systems across South Australia.

Housing SA tenants joining SA VPP have a solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery system installed and maintained at their home, at no cost. In return, they enjoy an exclusive price for electricity and a low daily electricity supply charge.

Please refer to the Consumer section for more information on solar and batteries and South Australia's Virtual Power Plant.

Smarter homes