Increased attention on bioenergy as an energy source offers significant opportunities to use untapped resources for energy production.

Bioenergy is produced from organic matter derived from plants, animals and organic by-products and waste streams. Referred to as ‘biomass feedstocks’, this organic matter can be used to produce electricity, heat, fuel and other products.

Biomass resources have the potential to play a major role in diversifying energy sources and supplying additional energy during peak demand. Other important benefits include diverting waste from landfill and producing valuable by-products, such as biochar.

The bioenergy industry is in its early stages, but technologies to convert biomass into electricity are commercially available in South Australia. Innovative research and technology is helping to identify new ways to produce bioenergy.

The South Australian government welcomes interest from businesses and industry in catalysing bioenergy projects and investment.

Maps of bioenergy resources can be found at NationalMap under Energy > Renewable Energy > Bioenergy