Resource maps are available to help potential investors and developers find suitable locations for renewable energy projects in South Australia.

Wind, Solar and Batteries

South Australia’s Renewable Energy Atlas shows locations with ideal conditions to deploy wind and solar projects. It also identifies the location of existing renewable energy projects and our State’s electricity transmission network and power plants.

Renewable Energy Dashboards show locations and other collated information pertaining to the pipeline of renewable energy projects in South Australia.


The Interactive Hydrogen Map assists investors and project developers to identify potentially suitable sites in South Australia to deploy hydrogen production, transport and utilisation.

The Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool and Prospectus was developed to inform the establishment of an international-scale clean hydrogen export value chain.


The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure data on National Map helps developers and financiers evaluate spatial renewable energy information for bioenergy projects. Biomass for Bioenergy data can be added to the map from the Data Catalogue via Energy/Renewable Energy/Bioenergy/South Australia.

The Bioenergy Roadmap for South Australia was published in November 2015. This process identified bioenergy ‘hotspot’ areas for further investigation. The associated spatial data and outputs are available to view on this online interactive map.

Ocean energy

A map of the best sites for harvesting energy from the ocean’s waves, currents and tides is available as a spatial data layer within the National Map. Wave Energy data can be added to the map from the Data Catalogue via Energy/Renewable Energy/Marine/Marine Energy Atlas