Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool and Prospectus

A key action of South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan was the completion of a $1.25 million hydrogen export pre-feasibility study, and an online modelling tool and prospectus to inform the establishment of an international-scale clean hydrogen export value chain.

The Study examined locations for hydrogen production and export, volume of supply, the needs of potential hydrogen supply chain infrastructure and the costs associated with developing a commercial-scale hydrogen export industry within South Australia. Its findings are outlined in the Prospectus and underpin the design of the Tool.

The Tool is an important resource that will help to facilitate clean hydrogen investment into South Australia. It provides an indicative view of the hydrogen export supply chain configurations that are possible by leveraging the excellent resources in South Australia.

Users can explore South Australia’s hydrogen potential, selecting different factors such as demand volumes, production technologies and export terminals, to result in a final free-on-board cost of clean hydrogen from South Australia as well as the associated capital, operating and financing costs to achieve it.

The Prospectus promotes South Australia as a world class clean hydrogen supplier and highlights the advantages of investing in South Australia to fulfil growing global demand for clean hydrogen.

The Tool and Prospectus, developed by KPMG and WSP on behalf of the Department for Energy and Mining and in collaboration with the Department for Trade and Investment, collectively demonstrate the intent of the South Australian government to accelerate a South Australian hydrogen industry.

Use the South Australian Export Modelling Tool

The Tool is free to access, however you must first register with the Department for Energy and Mining to receive required login details.

Email hydrogen@sa.gov.au to request login details.

Access the Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool

The video on how to use South Australia's Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool gives guidance on how to use the Tool:

The South Australian Hydrogen Export Prospectus

The Prospectus is available electronically:

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