July 2022

Copper to the World 2022
Calibrating the necessity of sustainable copper production with heightened global demand.

GP2: next generation mineral systems mapping
Mapping tools and FaceTime support community engagement dialogue.

Delamerian National Drilling Initiative
Twelve drillholes in the Quondong Vale region have been completed.

New critical minerals opportunities
High-purity alumina and silicon are new additions to Australia’s critical minerals list.

Groundwater assessment
SARIG’s latest tools and layers provide a one-stop shop to retrieve groundwater data.

Spotlight on Curnamona Province
Connecting across borders to share latest data and knowledge on its mineral potential.

Trialling biogeochemical exploration
Honours project demonstrates and delineates near-surface mineralisation through blind cover.

Spectral geoscience
Geologic Repositories Rock Sample Digitization webinar series.

March 2022

Video series launched
Exploration and mining in South Australia.

Facilitating hydrogen exploration
South Australia’s national lead.

Delamerian National Drilling Initiative
Drilling underway in the Quondong Vale region.

New geochemistry data submitted
Part of the planned data acquisition for the central-western Gawler Craton.

South Australian Discovery Mapping
A new initiative to remake South Australia’s geological map data.

2021 commodity report
Discovering mineral exploration in South Australia.

Supporting the extractives industry
Four regulatory guidelines and a policy released.

Optical air quality monitors
Using calibration models to improve reliability.

Our biostratigraphic resources
A rich paleontological collection and accompanying database.

Spectral geoscience
Raman up and running at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.

December 2021

Premier’s Awards 2021
Shining a light on the best and brightest.

Accelerating into Round 3
Pushing the boundaries of traditional exploration.

On the up: Discovery Day 2021
Geoscience foundations for smart exploration and new investment.

Groundbreaking crowdsourcing challenge
Fostering a critical minerals future.

Delamerian National Drilling Initiative
Delivering data via the new South Australian Drilling Atlas.

Beneath the cover
Report sheds light on the Gawler, Musgrave and Curnamona regions.

New play analysis out now
Pedirka Basin – Poolowanna Trough region.

Landholder Information Service continues
Providing independent information to support informed decisions.

Spectral geoscience
South Australia’s National Virtual Core Library node continues to grow.

October 2021

Welcome to our new brand
It’s more than a mark, it is our story.

Copper to the World
Red metal insights from South Australia.

Data acquisition underway
Targeting the central–western Gawler Craton.

Sedimentary copper mineral systems
Applying basin analysis to de-risk exploration of the Stuart Shelf.

Over 30 years of excellence
Pru Freeman’s public service contribution widely acknowledged.

June 2021

Driving mineral exploration growth
Accelerated Discovery Initiative Round two funding recipients.

Environmental liability management
Are bonds the answer?

Promoting South Australia’s geoheritage
Updated 1:2 million scale geoheritage sites of South Australia map out now.

New exploration model
The young (and Cloncurry-like?) evolution of the northeastern Gawler Craton.

Virtual treasure trove
New petroleum and geothermal core photo database now live.

Spectral geoscience
Growing our capability with ongoing scanning and new instruments.

Uranium 2021
Exploring the growing global demand for more uranium production.

Large igneous province workshop
A hybrid way to dive deep to ignite exploration interest.

April 2021

Exploring for the Future
Eight new projects recently announced.

The Gawler Challenge: Next Generation Mineral Systems Mapping
New project integrating geoscience and machine learning.

Gawler Craton Airborne Survey
Full sets of merged grids are now available.

Updated depth to basement data package
Includes new datasets derived from the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey (GCAS).

Leading practice regulation
New tailings policy published.

Extractives Supply Chain Review
Productivity Commission implementation program: what’s happening now.

New spectral geoscientific data
South Australia’s National Virtual Core Library node expanding rapidly.

Leading with legacy data
Surface geochemistry data captured in the Delamerian region.