Georgina operating the HyLogger instrument

The HyLogger™ core scanner is a rapid spectroscopic core and chip logging and imaging system developed by CSIRO's Mineral Mapping Technologies Group.

Located at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, the South Australian HyLogger™ machine is one of seven in Australia contributing to the AuScope National Virtual Core Library (NVCL) project, and is supported by the CSIRO and the Commonwealth Department of Industry through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy.

The GSSA has been using the HyLogger™ system since its initial trials in 2002, and South Australia now boasts the largest number of scanned drillholes of all States and Territories in Australia.

HyLogger data on SARIG and the NVCL allows mineral explorers to view high resolution drillcore imagery and associated spectral data online, before visiting the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.

SARIG HyLogger Map Layer

The technology

The system uses semi-automated core tray handling, continuous visible and infrared spectroscopy (wavelength range 300–2500 nm and 6000–14500nm), and digital imaging, to characterise and identify dominant mineral species on core, chips and pulps, at spatial resolutions of ~1 cm (spectral data) and ~0.1 mm (image data).

The system can log between 250 and 500 metres of core per day. Mineralogy is pre-interpreted using specialised identification software trained on a selected suite of minerals showing characteristic absorption features within the measured spectral range.

HyLogger™ data

HyLogger™ data are available to view and download from SARIG via the HyLogger Map Layer or the Drillhole Database

Available data includes:

  • High-quality core tray images
  • Spectral data
  • Summary plots (.pdf) showing the distribution of interpreted minerals downhole
  • Dynamic downhole scalar plots of mineral groups
  • TSG™ Viewer software download for viewing data; free/demo licence is available from The Spectral Geologist

Examples of HyLogger data available via SARIG

Explore HyLogger™ data using TSG Viewer

A demonstration dataset to try out TSG™ Viewer software is available for download, and includes a PowerPoint guided tutorial and instruction file.

Download the Demonstration HyLogger dataset for MSDP11 drillhole GDP 00110

Drillcore scanning services

A  HyLogger™ spectroscopic core and chip logging and imaging service is available to industry. Please contact for more information.

HyLogger scanning request form

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