The Brown Card training course is aimed at water industry entities and contractors.

The course was developed by the Queensland Water Directorate (qldwater) and the Water Skills partnership to educate the importance of, and requirements for, maintaining public health, minimising environmental harm as well as general workplace health and safety when working around sewerage and recycled water assets.

The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) in South Australia (SA) has recently reviewed the Brown Card in conjunction with other SA state government departments to modify the training to include SA regulatory requirements. The training is supported by the South Australian Government and will be available at no charge to water industry employees and contractors working with wastewater and recycled water in SA.

The training consists of information slides and a short quiz. Once the training is complete a “Brown Card” certificate of completion will be issued to the participating person, which is valid for three years. The Brown Card SA is a non-accredited course but a valuable learning resource for sewerage and recycled water workplace health and safety basics.

The Brown Card SA training is hosted by qldwater on the water training website

New users can select the Brown Card SA course on the home page, and will then be prompted to create a new account. Once you’ve completed you will be emailed an account confirmation link, which will direct you to enrol in the Brown Card SA training. You will then be ready to commence the Brown Card SA training course through your water training website account.

For any enquiries regarding the Brown Card SA training please contact the OTR Water and Sewerage Infrastructure team below