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Further information on the application, public consultation and assessment process for the Bird in Hand Gold Project

The South Australian Government is committed to involving communities in decisions that affect their lives. We recognise that local people have a wealth of knowledge and perspectives about their local environment and interests, and that this information is important for informing Government decision-making, as well as informing a proponent’s project design. Accordingly, and consistent with the requirements of the Mining Act 1971, Terramin’s applications will be made available to all stakeholders with a formal opportunity to make submissions to the Minister for Energy and Mining for consideration in the comprehensive technical assessments that will be undertaken by the South Australian Government.

Notice of the consultation period will be published in:

  • the South Australian Government Gazette
  • The Advertiser
  • The Courier (Mount Barker)
  • The Adelaide Hills Weekender Herald
  • Southern Argus (Strathalbyn)
  • The Times (Victor Harbor)

and on the Department for Energy and Mining website, inviting members of the public to make submissions on the applications from 11 July 2019 until 20 September 2019.

Things to consider before making a submission


When you make a submission that submission becomes a public record. Your submission will be provided to Terramin and will be published on the DEM website.

When making a submission, you should consider how your personal information will be included in our submission. This includes the content of your submission and any attachments - including any personal information about you which you have chosen to include in those documents.

If you wish for your personal information to be withheld from your submission you must:

  • request that your name and contact details be withheld from publishing
  • not include personal or identifying information in your submission, headers, footers or attachments.

Submissions including offensive, threatening, defamatory or other inappropriate material will not be accepted.

South Australian government agencies ensure the protection of personal information by adhering to the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet Information Privacy Principles (IPPS) Instruction, February 2017 (PDF
230 KB)

Preparing your submission

Your submission should relate directly to the applications and the decisions to be made by the Minister for Energy and Mining and/or the Minister for Environment and Water.

Key points for an effective submission

  • Your submission does not need to be long or complex. Your opinions, your reasons for them and your suggestions are the most important parts.
  • Clearly state your view and reasons for it.
  • Say how your views might be addressed and your reasons.
  • Provide references to any data such as scientific reports referred to in your submissions.
  • Where relevant, group your points under the relevant section or chapter of the applications.

Commenting on the mining proposal and/or management plan

In commenting on the mining proposal and/or management plan, consider the following:

  • Information on any aspect that either has not been included in the mining proposal or management plan, or that you consider has been inadequately or incorrectly described. This includes the description of the existing environment and any potential environmental, social and economic impacts that have
    not been identified.
  • Consider the impact assessment included in the applications. For each of the impacts described, consider if the proposed environmental outcomes (i.e. level of proposed impact on the environment) are appropriate. If not, try and describe the environmental outcome and criteria you would consider appropriate.
  • Consider the closure and completion outcomes and criteria. Closure and completion outcomes determine what a company must achieve when a mine has ceased operation and rehabilitation is completed. Are the closure and completion outcomes appropriate and achievable? What completion outcomes would you like
    to see?
  • Consider the project benefits described in the mining proposal or management plan. Are they accurately described? Are there additional or different potential benefits that have been omitted?
  • Does the community consultation described in the applications match with your view of the consultation that has been undertaken?

Making a submission

Submissions may be made easily:

  • Via the online submission portal
  • By downloading a copy of the submission form; or
  • By drafting a written submission and sending via:
    • email to: or
    • post to:
      Public Submissions
      Mining Regulation Branch
      Department for Energy and Mining
      GPO Box 320
      SA 5001

What happens to submissions from the public?

Submissions received will be published on the DEM website and forwarded to Terramin with a request for response (with personal details removed if this has been requested). All submissions accompanied by contact details will receive an acknowledgement letter or email from DEM.

After the public consultation period, Terramin must prepare a response document addressing the issues raised in submissions before the application can proceed. Submissions may be quoted in the response document submitted by Terramin, which will be provided - along with all public submissions - to technical
specialists from South Australian Government agencies including the Department for Energy and Mining, Department for Environment and Water, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Safework SA and the Environment Protection Authority. These specialists will undertake a comprehensive assessment
of the applications, public submissions received during the consultation process, and the response document prepared by Terramin.

The decision

The Minister for Energy and Mining will consider the applications made under the Mining Act 1971, public submissions received, Terramin's response document and the government assessment report when making a decision.

Following a decision on the applications, the decision will be published, and anyone who made a submission during the consultation period will be notified of the decision in writing.

Current status of the project

The following diagram shows the current status of the project against the regulatory decision-making process.

Bird in Hand Gold Project Status stage 4_ applications released for comment