2020 South Australian Productivity Commission

The 2020 South Australian Productivity Commission made 15 recommendations to improve state and local government regulation of the extractives supply chain.

Recommendation 4.1 proposed increased transparency of the government's regulatory approach and improvements to relevant guidance material.

In response the government has developed:

Productivity Commission review and report

The quarrying sector employs over 70,000 people in SA and contributes to improving the lives of everyday South Australians through provision of construction materials to major infrastructure and building projects. Adelaide is fortunate to have high quality road and concrete making materials located close by which reduces the cost of infrastructure upgrades when compared with other states.

Productivity Commission review and report

In response to recommendations made by the Review of the Extractives Supply Chain completed by the South Australian Productivity Commission, the Department for Energy and Mining has sought to improve and increase transparency of its regulatory approach. The relevant guidance material for this important industry has been improved and can be accessed on the South Australian Productivity Commission website.