About the application

Sandyridge Holdings Pty Ltd submitted a mining lease proposal over mineral claim (MC) number 4537 for the recovery of limestone and sand (extractive minerals) for construction materials.

Current status of the application

The application is currently under assessment, awaiting a response from Sandridge Holdings to matters raised during public consultation.

Location of mineral claim

Compton area, approximately 7 km east of Mount Gambier, covering an area of 10.45 hectares.

Statutory circulation of the mining proposal

Sandyridge Holding Pty Ltd made an application for the mining lease for the recovery of extractive minerals pursuant to Section 35 of the Mining Act 1971 (the ‘Act’)

Under Section 56H(3) of the Act, the Minister must invite members of the public to make written submissions in relation to the application for a mining lease, and to have due consideration of the public submission when assessing the mining application.

The mining proposal was made available for public comment from 24 February 2022 to 24 March 2022. During this time 9 submissions were received by the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM).

Public submissions received

Request for response to public submissions

As a result of matters raised by the public and other government departments, the South Australian Government Mineral Resources Division requested that Sandyridge Holdings Pty Ltd review and respond to all submissions received.