Before Rex can commence construction or mining operations it must first ensure it has addressed all of the requirements set out in the publicly available Hillside PEPR approval letter.

Before any construction or operations on the mining lease, Rex must:

  • provide an independent expert report which outlines Rex’s capacity to achieve compliance in light of its management systems, personnel, policies, procedures, practices and resources
  • obtain relevant Environment Protection (EP) Act authorisations
  • pay a $34 million rehabilitation liability bond
  • have the required public liability insurance in place
  • pay the mandatory $515,000 Significant Environmental Benefit as an offset for native vegetation clearance
  • comply with their Development Act approval requirements requiring works associated with the St Vincent and Yorke Highway diversion to be completed.

In approving the PEPR, DEM has assessed that 30 months (31 December 2022) is a suitable timeframe for Rex to begin mining operations.