A detailed assessment of the MOP review and associated data, management plans and programs is undertaken by relevant technical specialists (for example environmental scientists and engineers) from across the South Australian Government.

The assessment considers the MOP review against the requirements of the Mining Act, and focuses on the appropriateness and achievability of the environmental objectives. This includes whether:

  • the expected level of impact to the environment is appropriate, considering the control and management strategies described; and
  • the proposed control and management strategies are likely to achieve the proposed objective.

The assessment then considers the criteria that must be monitored and measured to demonstrate the objectives are being achieved, how, where and when that monitoring is performed, and the standards it is performed against.

The assessment will result in a recommendation to either approve the MOP review, or require the applicant to make alterations and re-submit for further assessment. The recommendation is based on the evidence contained in the MOP review and other relevant technical information, which must display an appropriate level of understanding, consideration and mitigation of local impacts.