On 23 December 2020 Hanson Construction Materials Ltd (Hanson) submitted a revised mine operation plan (MOP) for the White Rock Quarry. Government has determined that alterations and additional information is necessary before the assessment of the proposed  operations of the White Rock Quarry can be completed. Hanson were required to revise and re-submit the MOP before 30 June 2022.

On 9 June 2022, Hanson wrote to the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) seeking an extension to the timeframe for submission of the revised MOP.

Hanson outlined the following reasons to support their extension request:

  • additional time to:
    • undertake Aboriginal Heritage consultation
    • collect air quality monitoring data
    • undertake native vegetation and fauna surveys
  • inclusion in the MOP of the actions required by the 20 May 2022 DEM Compliance Order.

While DEM requires Hanson to progress these matters as a priority, it is acknowledged that the collection of critical data and effective consultation is important to allow for assessment of the proposal.

DEM has accepted the extension request, and Hanson will now be required to provide the revised MOP on or before 31 March 2023.

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