23 May 2023

South Australia’s nation-leading virtual power plant, which provides cheaper electricity to more than 4,000 Housing SA households, is about to get bigger.

Tesla is launching Phase 4 of South Australia's Virtual Power Plant (SAVPP), which will enable more South Australians on low incomes to share in the benefits of renewable energy.

An additional 3,000 South Australian households will benefit from low-cost electricity and the comfort of battery back-up. For the first time, the project will also include households within the community housing sector.

The $33 million expansion, funded entirely by Tesla, will provide equity to thousands of low-income households that had previously been locked out of the program due to their properties being unsuitable for rooftop solar.

SAVPP provides Housing SA and Community Housing tenants with the cheapest electricity in the state, currently 23 per cent below the Default Market Offer. This represents a $423 yearly saving for a typical household, according to electricity provider Energy Locals.

The Virtual Power Plant also benefits all South Australians by providing important grid services that have previously only been provided by centralised, more traditional equipment.

Under the project 4,100 households have already had solar and Tesla Powerwall systems installed - the next phase will bring the number up to over 7,000.

For further information on South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant go to South Australia's Virtual Power Plant.